Holly is a wonderful instructor and genuinely pleasant to work with. I started sessions with her when I was pregnant with my second child. She helped me to manage back pain during my pregnancy and then to regain strength postpartum...Now that I think about it “regain strength” is probably a mischaracterization. My core is stronger now than it was before my pregnancies! And I avoid core work like the plague (further testament to Holly’s patience). Laurel P. After years of suffering from a bad back, and after having tried numerous solutions I found Pacific Northwest Pilates and Holly Shaw. So often we hear testimony of how something has changed one’s life. Without a doubt that is my story. Not only have I gained pain relief, but confidence and power knowing I have the ability to manage my future mobility, and therein my enjoyment of life. This all achieved with one on one training with someone who is not only gifted in pilates training, but a joy to see. I can recommend Holly and Pacific Northwest Pilates without hesitation. Jon P. I like to lift free weights and do the "usual" gym routine. Pilates wasn't for me. That workout is for the ladies. Then I met Holly. She kicked my butt and continues to give me my hardest workout of the week. Holy smokes, she's changed my life. Every active thing I do is now easier, from mountain biking and hiking to riding my motorcycle. I've watched her teach other students and she has a very keen eye on each person's individual needs. She is patient and can easily describe what she wants me to do 10 different ways so I can get it through my thick head. I've made more flexibility and strength gains since I've started working out with Holly. Despite all my other activities my session with Holly is always my favorite workout of the week. Wayne R. Holly Shaw is a gifted ‘movement guru’ who changed my life. I was referred to Holly, as my physician advised that Pilates could help with my acute lower back challenges. I walked into her office timid and without much mind-body-soul connection. Holly's advanced skill set and personal touch has turned me back into a more physically and mentally productive individual. Holly is engaging, professional, motivating and kind...all at the same time! I consider her to be one of the angels in my life, and would not be where I am today without her. Katie L.

Wellness Retreat

MAY 15-17, 2020

Hood River, OR

As a precaution in light of COVID-19, I will be postponing this retreat until a future date TBD.

Please contact me: holly@elevatedmovement.org to stay up to date with future dates.

More Retreat Information: Click Here